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Global education in Russia


Russia is an exceptionally educated nation with over portion of its inhabitants holding a college degree.Russians have rich,hundreds of years old educational conventions.Russian universities furnish their students with open to studying and living conditions and help them adjust to the nation.Russian universities prepare a wide assortment of pros,both in designing and the humanities,and consistently put in the highest point of universal rankings.Education in Russia is considerably more moderate than in the USA or UK.Additionally,universal students have the chance to consider for nothing to the detriment of the Government spending plan.Every year Russia acknowledges students from everywhere throughout the world,from about 170 nations,and you can go along with them.

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The Foundation course is a special university faculty which aims to train international students for further studies in Russian state universities.Along with Russian language,students learn program-related subjects:biology,chemistry,mathematics,physics,informatics,etc.Upon graduation from the Foundation course,students know the basics of Russian language as well as professional vocabulary.After successful completion of the Foundation course,the student will easily come through the 1st academic year.The duration of the Foundation course is 8-10 months.Those international students who know Russian enough for studying in Russian language,can enter the 1st academic year without taking the Foundation course.Classes are taught by professors who are fluent in foreign languages;some of classes are con-ducted via interpreter.Learning of Russian language is compulsory for students.International students use Russian not only in their communications within the University,but also in their everyday life.Course of Russian language helps them to communicate with native speakers and to easily travel around Russia.Besides,Russian is a working language during students’ traineeships and practical classes in hospitals/companies,so it is extremely important for students to understand and speak Russian well.Apart from that,course of Latin is included in the curriculum of medical programs as Latin is the international language of medicine.During their classes professors in medical programs commonly use terms in Latin.

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